Splankna Services

At Whole, we believe in the Splankna protocol. Not just because it has been effective for many hundreds of lives, but because Whole’s founder’s life has been transformed through it.

Splankna is the first Christian protocol for energy psychology. Energy psychology uses the same system in the body on which acupuncture and chiropractic are based to alleviate emotional trauma that is stored physically. The Splankna protocol incorporates elements from three energy psychology protocols: (1) Thought Field Therapy, (2) EMDR and (3) Neuro-Emotional Technique. It also incorporates prayer as an integral part of every session.

The Splankna protocol helps to uncover deep, negative emotions and clear them, freeing you to better live your calling and love one another in healthy, God-given ways.

  • Release stress, feelings of helplessness, and the root causes of limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Connect with your heart and sense of purpose more fully
  • Feel more relaxed, alive and present in your whole body
  • Experience a deeper sense of connection, joy and ease with others

Splankna sessions start similarly to a regular counseling session. The practitioner and client sit facing each other in a comfortable, private setting. The practitioner begins by asking some relatively brief preliminary questions about the client’s background and the reason for the visit.

After an opening time of prayer, the practitioner begins muscle testing the client to learn where to direct that session’s work. Once she or he has the information needed, the practitioner will use the Splankna technique to “clear” the emotion and move through the protocol.

In addition to the excerpts of a sample session shown in the video on the right, please click here for a series of interviews with Sarah Thiessen, the founder of Splankna, for insights into how and why she developed the protocol, and how it works.

Splankna Session Excerpt

This is a video of some excerpts from a Splankna session. A typical session takes 45 to 55 minutes so this is a very abbreviated video. In it you can see the muscle testing, emotion clearing, prayer and more. Contact me with any questions.