My Experience

I have helped numerous people to resolve a continuum of problems including: substance abuse, eating disorders, fears, phobias, anger issues, significant diet changes, and career or relationship confusion. In most cases I used the Splankna protocol as part of the process.

For individuals struggling with other issue not helped by the Splankna protocol, such as spirit or body issues, I have other tools. They include deliverance work and coaching on any topic you choose, but I am most experienced helping with spirit, soul and body challenges.

My expertise also includes the following.

Problem solver.

I worked as a quality improvement specialist in healthcare for nearly 10 years. I have an array of problem-solving tools from which to choose.

Frank talker.

I don’t have all the answers—no one does—but I’ll be perfectly honest (with kindness) as we work together to find your best path to wholeness.

Research geeker.

My commitment is to provide the highest quality scientific research to inform our conversations and your decisions.


My credentials

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and completed a mental health internship at a nationally renowned psychiatric hospital working with adults with various diagnoses. I have faced (and through Splankna overcome) my own soul issues. I know firsthand how emotions can hijack all of our being, throwing the physical and spiritual out of balance.

I have also had my own soul and spirit issues addressed and was later trained in Soul Care (2022) and deliverance work (2019) by Rob Reimer and Renewal International. I use all that I learned, as appropriate, to help clients especially in spirit work and coaching.

It’s a blast watching how God is using my practice to transform lives.

I completed Splankna Core Training in 2014; Advanced Training in 2015, and certified as a Master’s level Splankna practitioner, the highest level possible, shortly thereafter. I re-certify master’s training annually.