Coaching & Rates

In addition to spirit and soul work, I am available for straight coaching on whatever topic you choose, but I know spirit, soul and bodies best. I excel at helping clients turn a disorganized mess of thoughts and ideas into a path toward achieving goals that includes actionable steps.


Coaching, psychotherapy and other such work often costs between $75 and $200 an hour, sometimes more, and it’s often worth every penny. However, I work on a donation-only basis for Splankna and spirit work. The only caveat is all Splankna clients must travel to Longmont, Colorado to meet in person.

Coaching sessions may be held remotely and are charged at $75 for a 45-minute session.

I offer a free, 15-minute preliminary consultation to determine fit to all first-time clients.

Call or text 720-552-1505 to schedule.

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