Ellen Batchelor

How I transitioned from healthcare quality improvement, helping physicians and their teams better meet their patient needs, to helping people more like myself take charge of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to live life more Whole-ly.

Before WholeBlue Living existed; before I saw people improve health conditions that weren’t supposed to get better; before I saw phobias disappear in a day; even before I worked in healthcare quality improvement I began seeing the need...

I started as a secretary, helping Big Pharma relieve cancer pain and helping researchers alleviate cancer symptoms, even as these scientists grieved their inability to cure disease.

I saw it as a PR professional, spreading the messages of palliative care at a major hospital system.

I knew there was more as I helped to keep momentum strong for an emerging biotech company as they developed potential breakthroughs to cure disease.

It breaks my heart to see so many people live in pain or bondage in their bodies, souls or spirits. I get angry when I hear yet another false claim for a diet or treatment that the preponderance of the evidence demonstrates will not lead to healing.

My dream is to see everyone live to their fullest potential in body, soul and spirit. To live more of their dreams, all the way to the end.

I started with the body and for many years ran a course on how to heal through diet. Lives were improved and I still stand by that. Someday I will publish a book on it. Meanwhile, I want to focus on all that can first be done through soul and spirit change.

After all, what good is it to optimize your body if you’re so depressed you have contemplated suicide. Or you’re hearing voices that make it impossible to find peace. Or anxiety rules your days.

Are you ready to make REAL life-long change?

I’m not going to ask if you’re willing to do the work. I know you are ready. That’s why you are here.

You have been feeling it for years and you are desperately hoping there is more to life that what you have experienced so far. You have a nagging sense there’s nothing you can do simultaneously while you sense there is so much more. You are skeptical — as you should be — but you want to grab for that something more.

The soul and spirit work I do addresses that struggle. It helps you to find that something more.

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A little about me

  • Watching educational medical videos is my idea of fun
  • Love to take quiet walks with my husband (okay, maybe I'm not so quiet)
  • Ran quality improvement programs for doctors' offices in Colorado for eight years
  • Worked with the developers of one of the leading opiate pain relievers
  • Engaging my black Labrador retriever in a game of “squirrel” tug makes me laugh

5 obstacles