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What is soul and spirit work?

The WholeBlue Living course is a great foundation for taking charge of your own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, but it’s not all.

After all, we are more than just a body.

But for some people, simple body work like a diet change is not the best place to start. Some people must first minister to their souls or spirits before they are strong enough to strengthen their bodies.

WholeBlue offers personal attention for souls and spirits in a couple of ways. First, we offer wholeness coaching, in person or via electronic media. Wholeness coaching is the Whole version of wellness coaching. We help you to identify and work through the obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals. We start that with a free, complimentary 30-minute, no-obligation consultation to determine whether we’re a good fit.

We also offer individual care through the Splankna protocol, a mind-body procedure for alleviating emotional trauma. This too starts with a free 30-minute consultation. In addition, we offer a two-day, small-group seminar that focuses on spirit care as well as soul care. Ask for details on this.

Common struggles we face include:

  • Fear in the form of phobias, general anxiety, panic attacks or fear within certain circumstances.
  • Depression. Not the transitory depression that is common to most, but a heaviness that feels like your feet are rooted in cement and your bones are made of lead. Or the grief appropriately felt at the death of a loved one, but now it feels like it will never leave.
  • Desire for a deeper spiritual walk, but struggling to get there, no matter how hard you try.
  • Substance abuse. That next drink or hit or toke or smoke is what you find you’re living for instead of taking hold of all the good you were designed to do.
  • Physical illnesses that plague you, such as fibromyalgia or allergies.

We have helped numerous people to resolve a continuum of problems including: substance abuse, eating disorders, fears, phobias, anger issues, significant diet changes, and career or relationship confusion. In many cases we use the Splankna protocol as part of the process. Come and see what God has for you. Skeptics welcome. Learn more.

More about Splankna

At Whole, we believe in the Splankna protocol. Not just because it has been effective for many hundreds of lives, but because Whole’s founder’s life has been transformed through it. Learn more about the Splankna protocol and watch excerpts of a recorded sample session.

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