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What is holding you back from a stronger life in spirit and soul? Different individuals have different struggles. They include:

  • Fear in the form of phobias, general anxiety, panic attacks or fear of certain circumstances.
  • Depression. Not the transitory depression that is common to most, but a heaviness that feels like your feet are rooted in cement and your bones are made of lead. Or a normal depression, such as the grief appropriately felt at the death of a loved one, but it has now been “too long” and you feel you will never shake it.
  • The desire for a deeper walk with God, but you can’t seem to get there, no matter how hard you try.
  • Substance abuse. That next drink or hit or toke or smoke is what you find you’re living for instead of Jesus.
  • Physical illnesses that plague you, such as fibromyalgia or allergies.

The Splankna protocol has helped all of these conditions and more. This is not a guarantee that results will be typical for you, but there is hope, a possibility. Come and see what God has for you. Skeptics welcome. Learn more.

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At Whole, we believe in the Splankna protocol. Not just because it has been effective for many hundreds of lives, but because Whole’s founder’s life has been transformed through it.

Splankna is the first Christian protocol for energy psychology…read more

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Who We Serve

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