Take Control

of your own physical, emotional
and spiritual well-being.

What is Ellen Batchelor’s WholeBlue Living?

The WholeBlue Living program helps you to reach more of your potential so you can live your dreams in two ways: A 10-week, interactive, video-based program of lessons focused on lifestyle interventions for better well-being; and that same content through live weekly webinars coupled with separate Q&A sessions.

Whether you’re just starting to look at your options for improved health and vitality, or whether you’ve tried hundreds of approaches and are close to giving up, this program is for you. There may not be a cure, but there are other ways to improve chronic disease symptoms, besides just medications. I’m here to help.

A large body of solid research demonstrates that eating a whole-food, plant-based diet as well as improving your emotional and spiritual life, can have a positive impact on many of the chronic diseases from which Americans suffer. Like heart disease. Type 2 diabetes. Hypertension. Arthritis. Obesity. Chronic fatigue. Even Alzheimer's disease. Wouldn't it be great if your life were free from many of the shackles of these diseases? It could happen.

“At first I thought it would be boring to eat a diet focused on vegetables, beans and greens, but I found that’s not true.”

– Lyse-Marie

How does WholeBlue Living work?

The recorded course is released in weekly modules that consist of easy-to-follow videos, educational documents, done-for-you templates and resource lists. All of the training is online, contained in the private WholeBlue Living members-only site, where students can view the videos, connect with others and compare notes with classmates.

The live course is held just a few times a year, in eight-week blocks. Live teaching is paired with weekly live question-and-answer sessions. These supplemental sessions, also made available to the self-paced students, ensure that WholeBlue members stay on course and receive the highest value from their investment.

Once you’re a WholeBlue student, you'll have a chance to stay in for subsequent years at a significant discount over the initial rate.

For more information on WholeBlue Living, and to preview the curriculum, go to the Program Tour here.

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Who should enroll in WholeBlue Living?

If you want something more to improve your physical, emotional or spiritual well-being; if you have dreams to realize and goals to achieve; if you want to get the most out of your life; WholeBlue Living is for you. Our ideal members fall into these categories:

Protein focused

You say you could never give up bacon, or that paleo program works just fine. And you feel strong.

But you still wonder about your future. Will you stay strong to the end? You have a little pain every now and then, or your blood pressure is creeping up, or you have been told you are pre-diabetic, or you have a family history of heart disease.

You don’t want to wait to find out if more can be done. You want to try now because you have more life to live. You are willing to take a look.

An apple a day

You exercise so you can enjoy an indulgence once in a while, like a steak or that ice cream cone. You are committed to being healthy. You want to realize all of your dreams.

You see your parents aging and push away any thought that could be you someday. After all, they didn’t exercise like you do, did they?

Maybe the doctor has told you your blood sugar or pressure is creeping up, or you're on medicine, like for GERD or asthma. You hope exercise and an "apple a day" will save you, but you are open to something more.

Health super stars

You exercise frequently. You eat right. You expect to live a long, healthy life, and hope medical science will keep up with any needs you have.

Yet, you are not sure if you are at the forefront of science, of what will keep you strongest, like you want to be.

You are willing to try something new if it isn’t a waste of time. If it will make you stronger. You are strong but you want to achieve even more. More athletics. More of your dreams and goals. You want to start now.

“What are your qualifications to do this?”

I was already shaking when I made my first visit to a doctor in my new healthcare quality improvement job. My goal was to tell him about ways he could improve his systems so he would get better data, hopefully leading to better patient care.

When he asked me, “What are your qualifications to do this work?” everything changed. I was strong. I knew why I was there. I told him how I didn’t have to be a doctor to present data from the para-government agency that employed me. I only needed to understand the system where he worked. I told him of my years working in healthcare, supporting doctors.

He received what I had to say and invited me back, month after month. Years later, he invited me to speak at a leading medical conference where he was president. He wanted me to share the benefits I had taught him, and his staff.

I am just as qualified to teach the WholeBlue Living course. I don’t have a medical degree, or a nutrition degree, or a counseling degree. But I do have access to the medical research and leading experts in lifestyle medicine. I know how to present the information key to helping you transform your life.

My students and I know full well the value of this program and the information I have pulled together.

To be perfectly clear, WholeBlue Living is not for everyone. There is no “one size fits all” training program, book or course. But those who think that all online education programs are “scams” or “ripoffs” are generally not the kind of people we’re meant to serve. They’re usually not ready to be the most Whole possible.


What does the evidence say?

I cannot cure, nor will I claim to cure, any disease or condition. I will, however, share what the preponderance of the evidence demonstrates. Nearly all research studies indicate only results that are significant, meaning more people improved doing the thing being studied than can be explained by chance. It is rare that every single research participant is helped.

This means that the things I talk about on this site and in my course could lead to healing for you, or a very significant improved outcome in the course of your health conditions. But they also might not. There is no one cure fits all. There is only the preponderance of the evidence, what helps most people.

Only you can decide what you want to do. Once your healthcare providers have diagnosed a disease or condition, they really are only consultants. Their opinions and recommendations should hold a lot of weight, but they shouldn't be the only information you use when making decisions that affect the outcome of your life.

At WholeBlue we teach you how to take back control of your health care, evaluatate research, and make the best possible decisions for your care. It’s your choice how you will live.

What is the investment? Are there payment plans or scholarships?

The investment for the self-paced WholeBlue Living course for 2019 is $299. Yes, we do offer payment plans and a limited number of scholarships every year. We also offer a 2-for-1 course enrollment. This means if you bring a friend, you pay $299 for two separate, but connected log-ins (you have to enroll together).

The live course is significantly more, because you get more personal attention. We discuss the pricing for that as part of the free pre-enrollment seminar.

Because part of the program is to build a community of support, we offer both programs only a few times a year. If you’re interested in the next opportunity to sign up for either option, please go to the course enrollment page here and put your name on the Waiting List, or sign up for the newsletter, below. With either option, we will let you know as soon as the next enrollment period opens.